Best Burgers in London: The Top Three Buns in the City!

There are few dishes quite as hunger-busting and delicious as the hamburger. Though it may seem a simple plate, a real hamburger is a perfect balance of flavor, consistency and delicate craftsmanship. We took to the streets of the UK capital to seek out the most delectable burgers this side of the equator. Here, tried, tasted and tested, are our top three burger joints in London.

Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market

This is a cheeseburger. But not as you know it. Exmouth market’s Coin Laundry is renowned for its take on the traditional burger. Tender, crisp pork belly is set atop a medium rare burger patty, along with mature cheddar, red onion relish and a hefty serving of kohlrabi pickle. It’s decadent, it’s different and it’s deserving of a spot on your belly bucket list.

Mac & Wild, multiple locations 

Mac & Wild is intent on bringing the very best of Scottish produce and food to London. The establishment is the blessed birthplace of the carnivorous delight: The Veni Moo Burger. This burger is a towering triumph made up of a beef patty, a venison patty, cheese, béarnaise sauce, caramelised onions and, if you’re feeling extra indulgent, a few strips of candied bacon. The burger has been repeatedly voted as one of the very best in the UK.

Honest Burgers, multiple locations

As the name indicates, this burger eatery is about good old fashioned high-quality ingredients. Each burger is served medium rare, on a soft fresh-baked brioche along with all the trimmings like red onion marmalade, crisp bacon and locally-sourced cheese. There are chicken, vegetarian, and yes, vegan options that will all equally delight. If the burgers weren’t reason enough for a visit, their homemade rosemary-dusted fries are an almost religious experience.

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