DIY Upholstered Frames – Honestly WTF

Before we start, let’s talk about fabric and frames. You’ll want to use cotton here. I like quilting cotton because it has a tight weave and no stretch. You’ll want to use a frame that isn’t too detailed – the flatter the surface, the better. If you use a frame with some dimension, it’s best to use a busier fabric without a geometric pattern. This way, you can cut into the fabric without distorting the pattern.

Start by cutting the fabric so that its dimensions exceed those of the frame by at least 3-4 inches on each side. If the fabric has wrinkles, iron it flat before gluing. Glue the front side only with a fan brush. I like using a fan brush because it’s easier to get a very thin application. You want a very very thin and even amount of glue here. You don’t want any of the glue to seep through the fabric.

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