Immunity Booster Yoga For Women

Immunity Booster Yoga For Ladies

Immunity Booster Yoga For Ladies : Because the worldwide circumstances of COVID-19 are rising quickly rather than slowing down, individuals are getting extra involved about their well being particularly ladies. Ladies are very a lot health freak and by no means compromise with their well being and health. Whereas good hygiene is critical for everybody, it is best to attempt to increase your immunity naturally.

Yoga is a wonderful option to increase your immunity for which you don’t have to maneuver out of your own home throughout this lockdown. Chances are you’ll reap it advantages comfortably if you happen to observe these yoga workouts every day.

Let’s discover among the yoga actions which can assist in boosting our immune system:

  1. Sitting And Respiratory (Sukhasana And Pranayama)

    Sitting And Breathing (Sukhasana And Pranayama)
    Sitting And Respiratory (Sukhasana And Pranayama)

    Sukhasana is a really conventional pose for meditating correctly because it permits wonderful respiratory and motion of “prana” all through the physique. Making your self calm down and breathe deeply might assist in decreasing the stress, coronary heart price, and nervous system misery which altogether helps sturdy immunity.

    Methods to carry out:

    • Select a cushty place or seat and sit together with your legs both crossed or kneeling.
    • Drift your shoulders over the hips, head over the shoulders, and slowly tuck the chin in order that the crown of the pinnacle reaches above.
    • Inhale after which exhale slowly and really feel rooted in your seat.
    • Attempt to keep within the place so long as you feel good and take not less than 10 deep breaths.
  2. Half Lord Of The Fishes (Ardhamatsyendrasana)

    Half Lord Of The Fishes (Ardhamatsyendrasana)

    Spinal twists can nourish the backbone, however they could additionally assist our physique’s inside capabilities together with our immune system. The speculation behind it says that improper digestion causes toxins to build-up which sends the physique out of whack and creates an infection or irritation within the physique. Yoga workouts that lightly compresses the abdomen may assist indigestion.

    Methods to carry out:

    • Sit together with your legs straight. Place your proper foot exterior the left leg in order that the only of your proper foot stays on the mat.
    • Maintain that prolonged left foot flexed.
    • After inhaling, place your proper palm behind your decrease again and produce the left elbow exterior the fitting knee.
    • Inhale to elevate your backbone, then exhale to twist and begin staring over the shoulder.
    • Keep like this until 5 breaths full in every course.
  3. Supported Fish Pose (Matsyasana Variation)

    Supported Fish Pose (Matsyasana Variation)
    Supported Fish Pose (Matsyasana Variation)

    It is likely one of the only restorative variations and can also be an excellent yoga pose for reinforcing our immunity. It is usually referred to as a supportive fish pose. This yoga pose helps in boosting your power degree while you’re exhausted. It additionally targets our lungs which helps in opening up and relieving congestion.

    Methods to carry out:

    • Take a blanket.
    • Roll it up and place it in order that it ends in the midst of your again and the highest of the roll helps your head.
    • Loosen up your chest and shoulders and let your arms open extensive whereas palms going through upwards.
    • Legs could be bent with toes as extensive as your mat and the knees touching the middle.
    • Stay within the place for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Ahead Fold (Uttanasana)

    Ahead Fold (Uttanasana)

    Inversions offer you a wealth of advantages to your thoughts and physique and embody so many yoga poses aside from a handstand. Ahead fold is called an ideal mild inversion for reinforcing our immunity.

    Inverted postures, nevertheless, brings prana and blood circulate to the sinuses, which in flip helps in easing the congestion. Sinuses and our mucus membranes are the physique’s first line of protection towards any form of an infection. So, conserving them wholesome may help in boosting our immune system.

    Methods to carry out:

    • Whereas standing, convey your toes hip-distance aside.
    • Slowly be part of on the hips and maintain bending your knees as you come into a delicate forward-fold.
    • Permit your arms to relaxation on the ground, or in your ankles, calves, or thighs.
    • Keep within the place for 5-10 breaths or so long as you possibly can.
    • When you come out of this place, roll your self slowly to forestall any dizziness.
  5. Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani)

    Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani)

    It’s an final stress-busting yoga pose. Legs up the wall are thought-about as one probably the most enjoyable yoga poses for the entire physique. It permits drainage, blood circulation to even out, releases the strain from the again, and makes you’re feeling grounded. For wonderful immunity, our nervous system must be fortified and functioning correctly and this yoga train could make your nervous system utterly relaxed.

    Methods to carry out:

    • Sit about three inches away from a wall.
    • Lie in your again and swing the legs up on the wall, in order that the again of your thighs relaxation towards the wall.
    • Permit the complete backbone to relaxation closely on the ground and calm down your arms in your abdomen.
    • Keep within the place for 1-10 minutes.


Yoga could be one of many biggest instruments to assist a powerful immune system and conserving the entire physique’s techniques working correctly to forestall from getting sick. So, attempt to observe these 5 yoga asanas each day to spice up your immune system.

Writer :

Anki Mourya got here onto the trail of yoga after finding out Media Communications in England. She accomplished 1000+ hours of yoga apprenticeship and a 2-year college course in yoga and Ayurveda in Uttarakhand. Anki now likes to share her topics at numerous yoga trainer coaching in India and Europe.






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Immunity Booster Yoga For Ladies

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