Looped Band Workout for Legs

Resistance bands are a wonderful coaching device. They’re versatile, straightforward to pack, and comparatively low cost to purchase. When you can work your complete physique with a band, we’ve lined up six nice resistance-band workouts for firming legs that you are able to do nearly anyplace.

For the exercise, we propose utilizing both a resistance band you can tie or a mini band set (mini bands are the smaller, looped bands).

Lateral band stroll

  • Place a looped resistance band above your knees and sit in a partial squat place.
  • Together with your arms ahead, chest lifted, and knees bent, lead together with your heel and take eight steps to your left. Be sure your ft keep parallel your complete time.
  • Repeat in the other way, ensuring to maintain your your abs drawn in.

Seated banded leg extensions

  • Discover a sturdy chair or bench and fix your resistance band to the leg or base so it loops round your ankle.
  • Together with your legs at 90 levels, really feel the resistance as you straighten your proper leg. Deliver your leg again to 90 levels as you come to your beginning place.
  • Do a complete of 12 reps, then repeat on the left leg.

Standing rear leg raise

  • Place a looped resistance band round your decrease calves. Together with your fingers on one thing sturdy to remain balanced—like a wall or a chair—increase one leg straight behind you.
  • When you attain the highest, squeeze your glutes, then decrease again to your beginning place.
  • Repeat 10 to 12 instances on both sides.

Leg Elevate

  • Loop a resistance band round legs simply above knees. Come to fingers and knees with wrists below shoulders and knees below hips.
  • Protecting knee bent, core stabilized, and glutes engaged, raise proper leg out to the aspect and again till higher leg is parallel with the ground.
  • Decrease leg to start out place.


band workout
  • Loop a resistance band round legs simply above knees. Lie on proper aspect with knees bent and stacked, and heels in keeping with glutes.
  • Protecting hips dealing with ahead and heels collectively, raise left knee as excessive as doable, participating core and glutes your complete time. Decrease to start out place.

Squat with Knee Pulse

  • Stand with a resistance band above knees, ft hip-width aside. Push hips again and bend knees to decrease right into a deep squat.
  • Protecting chest lifted, glutes engaged, and weight equally over each ft, press knees out 1 inch, then again to start out place.

Exercise Instructions

Do every transfer under to ensure that 10–15 reps. Do 2–three rounds of your complete circuit.
Okeep in thoughts: With a really light-resistance band, you need to use these strikes for hip mobility and suppleness. With a heavier band, these strikes will assist construct energy in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hips.

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