My Living Room Refresh – Honestly WTF

Spring is officially here and the arrival of a new season has never felt more symbolic or welcoming. Since the start of the pandemic, almost exactly a year ago, I must have I rearranged the furniture in our living room umpteen times – mostly out of pure boredom but also out of the desperate need for change. And now, I can confidently say I love this room just the way it is, thanks to my partnership with Pottery Barn and some amazing pieces from their Spring collection. I updated the sofa situation and added two Big Sur slipcovered sofas, which are perfectly deep and insanely comfortable. I personally love the wide square arms, a perfect perch for a book and a cocktail. I’m also obsessed with our first ever coffee table since the kids were just tiny babies! We had gotten rid of ours to give them more room to crawl and now that they’re older, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have reintroduced a table back into the room. I appreciate the simplicity of the Malcom table, which is just big enough for board games and stacks of my favorite books. The oh-so-soft Nicolette hand-knotted wool rug ties the entire room together with its light blue and beige hues. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding in textures by way of pillows and rustic Pottery Barn decor items, all in neutral tones. The overall vibe certainly reflect my current outlook: at peace, happy and hopeful. I’m in love . . .

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