What Happens to the Vagina at Each Stage of a Woman’s Life

It’s with us from day one (nicely, from the ninth week of gestation to be actual) and will probably be with us until the tip. That’s proper people. We’re speaking concerning the vagina. Essentially the most iconic woman half. The ole honey pot. The hoo-haa. The Vag.

Though we are able to rely on it to be there for us regardless of the time or place, we are able to’t at all times rely on it to look or act the identical! Vaginas are similar to folks – they develop, they modify, they by no means return to the way in which they as soon as have been. They’re particular.

With that, right here’s how your favourite woman bit adjustments all through your life and what you are able to do to ease the not-so-pleasant transformations.

Age 20-39
The following dramatic change to your vagina (after puberty) occurs when you might have your first youngster, which for most girls tends to be between the ages of 20 and 39. With every vaginal beginning, the pelvic flooring muscular tissues stretch and will even tear when the child’s head comes by means of.

Though the vagina is an elastic organ and returns to just about the identical dimension it was pre-baby, it by no means actually goes again to fairly the identical tightness that it had earlier than.

Some ladies could even start to note that their vulva (exterior of the vagina) seemingly sags extra after being pregnant and/or that they really feel barely looser throughout intercourse.

One factor you are able to do to fight this problem is to strengthen your pelvic flooring muscular tissues by performing Kegel workouts. To determine these muscular tissues, go to the lavatory and cease your self mid-stream. Squeeze these similar muscular tissues for as much as three seconds whereas mendacity down, and repeat 10 instances.

Age 40-50
Perimenopause, the 5 to 10-year interval earlier than menopause, tends to decrease your estrogen ranges. As a result of estrogen is accountable for maintaining the vaginal collagen plump and moist, a lower on this hormone can dry out the vagina. This organ may additionally grow to be much less stretchy and produce much less lubrication.

To assist with this dryness, you’ll be able to attempt topical estrogen cream. This can support your physique in lubricating itself and in relieving different perimenopause-related signs, but it surely received’t utterly compensate for decreased manufacturing of this hormone.

In case you are searching for a stronger therapy, schedule an appointment together with your physician and think about hormone substitute remedy.

Age 50 and past
When you undergo menopause, your vagina will proceed to grow to be much less elastic and it’ll start to skinny. Your vagina and clitoris may get noticeably smaller and your labia will grow to be much less plump, thus giving the looks that they’re sagging.

Moreover, vaginal atrophy may ensue, which can trigger thinning, irritation, and ache throughout intercourse.

Many ladies are embarrassed to hunt therapy from their docs due to the disagreeable signs described above. Nonetheless, this is a crucial step in combating the discomfort you might be experiencing, which is why it is best to converse to a medical skilled should you deem it mandatory.

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